How Realtors Help With New Construction

How Real Estate Agents Help with New Construction

Purchasing a new home is an exciting prospect, and new construction is one of the most thrilling for buyers. New construction, especially at New Urbanism communities like Evans Farm, is a chance to create the home of your dreams. New construction is an investment in modern conveniences and amenities that might otherwise have to be waited for if buyers decided to purchase an existing home.

However, purchasing new construction is not a simply a plug-and-play scenario. While Evans Farm has a vetted list of well-established local builders, having an agent working on your behalf is always recommended. From start to finish, they can make a big difference in terms of cost, stress, and the timeliness of the new construction process.

Contracts, Paperwork and Practical Questions
A buyer’s agent can help negotiate the ins and outs of new construction contracts.
Working closely with a local agent on a new construction project gives you the advantage of the agent’s connections in the community as well as their knowledge of the market. An agent can help you find a reputable builder or review the list of those in a development. Your agent can also help narrow down your selection based on your budget and the things you know you want in your new home. This ensures that you get what you hope for at a reasonable price and in the time-frame you desire.

An agent can also help you find the right lot, choose a location within a new development like Evans Farm, or even find a development that suits your needs and wants. As always, you and your family know best when it comes to what you want for your future home, but a good agent has their finger on the pulse of possibility. They will help you bounce ideas around and settle on the answer that best fits your scenario.

An experienced agent helps you look beyond glossy brochures. They will help you look at topography and placement of the house on the lot, discuss ideas with the builder, and point out other relevant factors: Does the lot back up onto a small wood? How close is it to a park or public transportation? Does it slope steeply in the back? How does the house design fit in that lot?

Most importantly, perhaps, an agent helps ensure that all the paperwork is in order. During sales of existing homes, agents are pivotal to the process, and new construction is no exception. It is a process that has a few of its own unique twists and turns and clauses. Having an agent you trust sit down and talk things over with you can make a world of difference in terms of understanding exactly what is happening with your new home, how and when.

Negotiations and Avoiding Delays
A real estate agent will also be integral as you negotiate amenities and upgrades. If you are working with a builder-developer, you will have a chance to visit a model home. At Evans Farm, there are 12 model homes available for walk-through, one from each authorized builder. The model home is meant to the be the piece de resistance for the builder. It is full of amenities and upgrades that may not be standard with every home. Your agent can help you negotiate which items you might want and the price for them. Your agent may be able to help negotiate concessions that let the builder keep their price and get you the house you want.

An agent experienced in working with new construction will also be able to help suggest modifications to the layout of plans and other upgrades that will be beneficial to the buyer and possibly also help when it comes to sell the home in the future. It may seem odd to be thinking about selling something that is still just a blueprint on a table, but since this is the largest financial investment most people make, it pays to think long term, and it pays to have an expert at your side to help you do just that. (It is also worth noting that new construction often has a higher resale value than other existing homes, and that homes located in New Urbanist developments also have a high resale value.)

Agents can also help you avoid costly delays. Negotiating with a builder can feel intimidating, but keep in mind that builders also face a number of challenges as they work. Labor and materials shortages as well as fluctuations in the weather can all have an effect on the timing of the project as well as the cost. A good agent will act as a conduit between you and your builder in times of stress or complication while helping keep your stress as low as possible.

Agents will also help you find the right financing and sort out which local lenders to work with on the project. They will also recommend an attorney who can review the paperwork, including contracts, to make sure that you are getting what you want in your new home.

As in any home transaction, an agent is your professional representative in this situation. The agent will help you put your best foot forward, and they will leverage their expertise on your behalf. Builders and contractors are in the business of creating beautiful homes and places to live while making a living. Your real estate agent is in the business of advocating on your behalf and protecting your interests from start to finish to make sure you and your family end up in a home you love, in a community where you will be happy.

New construction is exciting, and for many homeowners is the ultimate dream of home ownership. Working with a qualified real estate agent can help make that a reality for you and your family. Get in touch and let us know how we can help you get started!


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