How to Choose a Lot

How to Get Started Purchasing a Lot

Purchasing a home is exciting, but the ability to build your own and settle into a neighborhood of your choosing is even more exciting. Evans Farm is one of Ohio’s newest developments, and its New Urbanism philosophy makes it even more thrilling for new residents. How to choose a lot on which to build your dream home at Evans Farm, though, is one of the first tasks residents need to undertake. While about fifty homes are already up, there is still plenty of space to choose from, but how do you tackle figuring out which one is best for you and your family?


Start with the Big Picture

Evans Farm offers an overview of the neighborhood that is a perfect place to begin. More than a map of how to get around, the overview is a way to start thinking about where you might like your home to be located. It also shows you the orientation of lots in relation to streets and other community structures and features, a lot’s overall shape, and helps you get a feel for the neighborhood in general.



As early as 1926, real estate developers and agents stated the three most important qualities of a property were “Location, location, location.” Over the years, not much has changed. Today’s home owners are looking at the same three priorities, although how exactly those things get valued varies from family to family.

As you peruse the list of available building sites, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where is this in relation to schools my children will attend?
  • Where is this in relation to my work?
  • Where is this in relation to the route I need to take to get to work?
  • Where is this in relation to shopping, grocery stores, and parks?
  • Where is this in relation to piano lessons/dance practice/the library?
  • Where is this in relation to friends and family? Do I need to be able to reach them quickly or have easy access to a main route to get to them?
  • How does this area feel in terms of walking the dog?
  • How busy is the street if my cat gets outside?

The ideal location is a personal choice, to say the least, but obviously important. Your answers to these questions will help clarify your priorities in a home and narrow down the choices available to you at Evans Farm.


Balancing House Design with Land

When considering new construction and purchasing land, it is important to have a design – whether that is a bungalow, Craftsman, Cape Cod, or Victorian –  in mind, and a chosen team of professionals at your side before even looking at a parcel. You and your family have specific goals and ideas for what you want your home to be like in terms of size and layout. Thinking these through and having them in mind will help you know what size parcel you need, and which location might best suit you.

Most of the lots at Evans Farm are roughly 40 feet wide and roughly one-tenth of an acre in size. This is similar to the lot size found in historic urban neighborhoods. Setbacks range from six to ten feet from the sidewalks, which means that conversations with folks on the front porch can be had with ease. It also leaves enough room for a bit of front yard frolicking, a line of trick or treaters, and plenty of room for a snowman or two when the time comes.

Design-build teams typically include an architect, a builder, and subcontractors. Each of the home builders working at Evans Farm know the land and location well and can help you find a suitable site and stay within your budget. While Evans Farm is built on relatively flat land, orientation and location for building will matter very much as you move forward.


Consider an Accessory Dwelling Unit

Part of the overall home design new residents will need to consider is the addition of Accessory Dwelling Units or ADU’s. A smaller, independent residential unit on the same lot as a stand-alone dwelling, an ADU can take the form of an apartment tucked on top of the garage behind the house. With easy access to the alleys that are one of Evans Farm’s definitive features, an ADU can be ideal for families wishing to move members of the older closer, offer older children a space of their own after university, or simply rent it out. (It is also worth noting that as early as 2012, an ADU was considered a worthy investment not only for its income generating capacity, but for the positive impact it had on property value.) If an ADU is on your family agenda, then the design-build teams at Evans Farm may have some specific site recommendations for you also.



Closely related to location is the question of surroundings. Some residents will want to build a home right in the center of things and be at the hub of activity. Others may discover that they would prefer to be on the edge where access is still more than possible, but where they are a little distanced from the happy hubbub of the farmers market or Halloween parade.

It may also be important to some residents to have a smaller home set a little bit away from the others. They may find they want a feeling of space and privacy even within this larger, friendly community. Sites near streams, stands of trees, or overlooking one of the lakes may also prove to be ideal for you.

Choosing a location for your new home is an exciting undertaking and an important one. Getting a feel for the overall layout of the neighborhoods, knowing what your long and short-term goals are as a family, the design you want your future home to have, and what you would like your surroundings to be like will make choosing an Evans Farm lot easier.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to helping you find your way on this exciting adventure!

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